5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Web Hosting Provider

There is nothing worse than choosing an inappropriate or wrong website hosting provider! Here are 5 common mistakes you should avoid when choosing a web hosting provider!

If you are most of the online entrepreneurs then your website makes up at least part of your monthly profit and when there are site hosting issues and other related issues, it can greatly impact the bottom line. Believe us, there is nothing worse than a hosting service provider that goes down without an explanation or a simple warning. It is a nightmare, it will take forever to secure your website again, rectify problems or overcharge for extras. Also, there is nothing worse than choosing an inappropriate or wrong hosting provider. You can’t make progress, you can’t grow your business, and you can’t count on a professional support. In order to avoid choosing the wrong hosting provider and other common mistakes during the process, we are going to present you the most common mistakes people do when choosing a hosting company.

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  1. Not checking or reading hosting reviews – You’ve found a hosting company, you like how everything looks like, their hosting packages and deals sound like a dream, the prices are affordable – almost too good to be true. But, be careful as this should serve you as your first red flag. If you think that everything looks perfect, make sure to read the hosting reviews and see what people have to say about their service, support, and hosting plans. You have to be really careful about where you read the reviews as there are some hosting companies that write fake positive reviews and it can be a real challenge knowing what is real and what is an ad from the hosting company itself.
  2. Not looking at restrictions and limitations – There are some web hosting companies that are really tricky. They will present and post everything unlimited just to get your attention to purchase their hosting deals. However, you need to be careful as when you will dig a little bit deeper, you will find out what unlimited features or tools really means. In the real world, unlimited hosting is usually limited. You need to watch out for restrictions and limitations such as no multiple POP accounts, you can’t add statistics, no SSH, no installation of our own software, and others.
  3. Choose a web hosting provider that offers free space – If you are a beginner, you might be tempted to use some of the servers that offer a pretty small amount of free space. If you go with free space, you will have to understand that there are so many people out there who will go for the same free space, and as you know by know the capacity of servers is limited. Our advice to you is always to go for a paid plan.
  4. Choosing a new, unfamiliar company – You need to keep something in mind and that is not choosing a brand new hosting company as the worst offers you will find online come from these companies. These companies are excited about attracting new customers and they offer all kinds of things, freebies, exciting deals, software, and great prices to choose from. Choosing such company is a big mistake. Our advice is to choose a familiar, reliable, and secure hosting company.
  5. Not-testing customer service – Another common mistake a lot of people do, don’t be one of them! You need to first test the customer service and see if they respond on time if they can help you solve a certain problem. If the customer service is poor that means that quality of the hosting is poor as well.

Avoid these mistakes and make the right choice!

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