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What You Didn’t Know About Domain Name Network and Hosting

No-one can dispute that the Internet holds the future of business. Many businesses are registering themselves online. You can’t afford to be left behind if you want to digitize your business and reap handsomely from your online business.

Welcome to the new era – an era of information.

If you own a business and intend to register it online, what goes into the registration? What legal obstacles must you overcome?

Well, there are many issues associated with registering your business name online. Remember that you aren’t
the only one doing so, and someone somewhere can steal your identity and use it for trading. Why do you need to safeguard your business name?

When you register a domain name, it does not guarantee you an exclusive right to use it. This is because the federal trademark laws regulate and limit the rights you acquired when you registered a domain name.

Thus, you need to register your business name as a trademark federally to obtain a guarantee to the exclusive right to use the domain name to trade. You don’t want to engage your competitor in a lawsuit against trademark infringement.

It’s recommendable that you acquire a federal trademark over your domain name. Let’s look at the three circumstances under which you can obtain a federal trademark.

1. When You Use your Brand Name as a Full Domain Name

You can use your brand name as a full domain name. However, don’t forget to emphasize on the .com part of the domain name. Thus, it’s a good idea to file a registration of domain name trademark for your brand name. This can help you differentiate yourself from your competitors.

2. When You Convert the Use of Domain Name to Trademark

If your website isn’t ready and you’ve bought a domain name, you can file a registration for domain name trademark. This will guarantee you exclusive rights to a particular domain name even if your competitors use
the domain name to trade before you.

3. When You Use the Right Channels to Resolve Disputes Concerning Your Domain Name

A good place to visit is the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). There are certain policies and procedures you need to follow. Don’t expect your competitor to return to you your domain name back simply because you own the trademark.

In conclusion, filing for registration of domain name trademark can guarantee you exclusive rights to that name. However, your competitors can snatch a domain name from you if you delay using it for commerce. Since you may remain with the trademark, your competitor will continue trading with your domain name.