Market Your Business: Smart Ways to Sell Your Products on Shopify

You’ve created your online store, found great products to sell, and now what is next?
Well, once your store is up and running, it is time to drive traffic to your website and make sales.
Whether you are trying to close your first sale or you’ve been in the business for some time now, it is always helpful to find ways to market your business and promote your products. Read more

Why Product Marketing Is Important

One of the biggest challenges for marketers is that we are focused on the tactical aspects of the job – contacts, promotion, social marketing, reach and etc.

We forget that the essential part of marketing is our understanding of customers, what are they looking for in a product, how to align your product offerings to their needs, and etc.

Promotional strategies and marketing usually go hand in hand. Marketing your product will include different aspects of promoting and selling products to customers.

Promotion is a key element in highlighting the benefits of your product to the customers. A well-thought-out marketing plan ensures long-term success and ensures profitability for ecommerce businesses.

Promoting your brand on Shopify will help you in different ways:

➔ Increase customer traffic
➔ Increase brand awareness
➔ Provide appropriate information
➔ Build sales and profits

6 Ways to Market Your Business’s Product on Shopify

Here are 6 creative strategies to market new or existing products on your Shopify store

1.Gift Guides

Have you ever thought of the idea to get your products included in gift guides? If you make a little research, you’ll discover that they exist about every industry, holiday, and person you can think of.

We advise you to look for lists on Google that rank on the first pages and reach out to see if your name can be included. Believe it or not, gift guides could drive a lot of traffic to your website.

It is essential to provide a good reason why you should be included in these lists. Mentioning your product on the list has to add value to the editor or author of the post. Make sure to highlight what makes your product unique.

2. Go Live with Periscope

Periscope is a relatively new platform, however, it has demonstrated its huge marketing potential. Many businesses are promoting with this live-streaming tool and we see no reason why you shouldn’t try as well.

There are a few ways you can use Periscope to promote your products. For example, you can offer a demo of your product, take your customers behind the scenes of manufacturing, answer questions, and etc.

3. Pinterest & Buyable Pins

Pinterest is the place to be today if you want to purchase or sell products online. Many people use this social media website to build wish lists. It is a great place to promote products, especially trendy and chic products that photograph well.

Optimize your pins by posting when your friends are online, using attractive images, and right keywords.

If you run a Shopify store, you can take your marketing strategy to the next level by enabling Buyable Pins.

This is an option that is highly recommended for online sellers as you’ll make it easier for Pinterest users to purchase products they see on Pinterest.

You can enable this option by adding the Pinterest Channel to your Shopify store.

4. Uncrate

Uncrate is a website with a loyal and massive following, ideal for promoting a product. The people who use Uncrate don’t just enjoy looking at cool products, but they also like to purchase them.

Getting your products on this website can drive sales and lead to incredible business opportunities down the road.

Interested in getting featured on Uncrate?

That is not easy. There is no formal process but one thing’s for sure – your product has to be cool and unique to make the cut.

5. Product Hunt

Product Hunt is a popular destination for people who love exploring and discovering new products. Even though apps and software are more popular than other business industries and niches, you will see regular products being featured on the front page.

You will notice that the stores most likely to make an appearance on Product Hunt are selling a single or set of items. This means highly customizable products, unique products, fresh takes on a current product category, and etc.

6. Organize a Contest

Contests are an affordable and easy way to get your brand in front of other people. By promoting your products, you can make sure your contest gets in front of the right group of people – your potential customers.

If not organized properly, the contest may fail. There are a few key mistakes to avoid when running a contest to promote your brand.

You need to make sure the platform, the messaging, and the timing are well thought out.

Ready to Promote

Shopify is a great place to market your business and your items. One platform to find the right shoppers and sell your products to them with ease.
You can find shoppers with SEO and content marketing tools. You can put your marketing on autopilot with the Kit app. You can reach your audience and promote products all from one place.
Shopify makes it easy to run promotional campaigns. Set your daily budget and create online marketing campaigns so the right people (your new potential customers) see your store.

You can use Google Smart Shopping or Facebook Ads. Set a daily budget and allow Google’s modern technology run promotional campaigns for you. You can also use Shopify to choose a target group and feel confident knowing you are targeting the right people.

Shopify will provide you with the right tools to take your online marketing one step further. You can count on an award-winning support 24/7, Shopify App Store (you can find and add marketing features to your store with apps that integrate with Shopify), and Shopify Experts (hire a Shopify expert to help you with campaigns, SEO, and etc.)

Remember, product don’t sell themselves. Luckily there are many ways to promote your business’ products.

Are you ready to set and promote your products with Shopify?